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    LNGS Files U.S. Cellular’s Comments on OMB June 6 PRA Notice re Form 481

    As the Commission rushes forward with efforts to secure Office of Management and Budget approval of a wide range of burdensome and costly information collection requirements applicable to eligible telecommunications carriers receiving universal service support, in Comments filed by LNGS, U.S. Cellular urges OMB to subject the Commission’s submission to careful scrutiny. In particular, OMB must be cognizant of the fact that the Commission has failed to address or resolve several issues raised by interested parties concerning information collection requirements that are reflected in the proposed FCC Form 481, that extend beyond the scope of the Commission’s orders and rules transforming its universal service support mechanisms, and do not comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.


    LNGS contacts: David LaFuria (dlafuria@fcclaw.com), Steven Chernoff (schernoff@fcclaw.com) and John Cimko (jcimko@fcclaw.com)