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    LNGS Files Joint Comments Urging FCC to Scale Back Mandatory Data Collection Requirements for Small Purchasers of Special Access Facilities

    On April 15, LNGS filed Joint Comments on behalf of five clients urging the FCC to exempt any carrier that purchases less than $5 million annually in special access facilities from the onerous new data collection requirements. Alternatively, the Joint Comments urge the FCC to significantly scale back the vast scope of the data collection requirements. The FCC recently adopted these mandatory data reporting requirements, which apply to all carriers – regardless of their size — that provide or purchase special access facilities. The Joint Comments note that the mandatory data collection requirements impose an enormous burden and substantial cost on small carriers that is utterly disproportionate to any possible public benefit.


    LNGS contacts: David LaFuria (dlafuria@fcclaw.com), David Nace (dnace@fcclaw.com), Todd Lantor (tlantor@fcclaw.com) and Bob Koppel (bkoppel@fcclaw.com)