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    LNGS Client U.S. Cellular Authorized to Receive First Installment in Phase I Mobility Fund Support

    LNGS Client U.S. Cellular (and its affiliates) was authorized by the FCC to receive its first installment of $13 million in Phase I Mobility Fund Support [link] to construct new networks in West Virginia, Illinois, Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. In October 2012, the FCC auctioned off $300 million in one-time Mobility Fund (Phase I) support to carriers that agreed to provide 3G or LTE service to areas that do not currently have mobile voice and broadband coverage. LNGS client U.S. Cellular submitted winning bids for over $40 million of the $300 million in available Mobility Fund Phase I support. [Public Notice and Awards] At the end of June, the FCC began to authorize the initial distribution of Phase I support for auction winners [Public Notice].


    LNGS contacts: David LaFuria (dlafuria@fcclaw.com), Todd Slamowitz (tslamowitz@fcclaw.com) and Marc Paul (mpaul@fcclaw.com)