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    FCC Seeks to Supplement the Record on 600 MHz Band Plan for Incentive Auctions

    The FCC recently announced that it is seeking additional public comment on the proposed 600 MHz wireless band plan that will consist of the spectrum made available through the FCC’s forthcoming broadcast television incentive auctions. As reflected in the comments filed to date, certain parties support a “Down From 51″ band plan proposal in which the uplink band would begin at channel 51 (698 MHz), followed by a duplex gap, and then the downlink band. Some have expressed concern that the Down From 51 proposal provides limited options for how to offer less spectrum in constrained markets, or additional spectrum in individual markets that are less spectrum constrained. Accordingly, the FCC is seeking further comment on how different variations on the Down From 51 band plan may be able to best address market variation.


    Comments are due on June 14, 2013 and Reply Comments are due on June 28, 2013.


    LNGS contacts: David LaFuria (dlafuria@fcclaw.com) and Marc Paul (mpaul@fcclaw.com).